Rust Damage Repair

Automobile RUST presents itself in many ways; Unsightly body rust is the most familiar. When dealing with any type of vehicle’s windshield area, rust can be deadly. The windshield is adhered to the vehicle’s body in an area called the pinch weld. When the strength of the pinch weld is weakened by rust, the safety functions of the windshield (Proper deployment assistance of the front airbags and additional resistance to roof collapse) are compromised and your safety, as well as the safety of those traveling with you, is jeopardized.

Usually hidden, the majority of rust problems in the windshield area are the result of a previous installation. Correct cleaning AND preparation of the pinch weld BEFORE the windshield is installed will help prevent rust during the life of the windshield. When rust is discovered, SMILEY’S will, if possible, remove it by sanding and brushing methods. AGRSS specified procedures are followed by SMILEY’S to ensure not only your safety, but to sustain the life of your vehicle. After the rust is removed, the pinch weld is then cleaned, activated (prepared to accept the urethane) and primed (to reduce the chance of rust) before the windshield is set. Use of a manufacturer approved urethane to bond the windshield to the pinch weld is essential in the replacement process. After the new windshield has been installed, the urethane MUST be allowed to cure sufficiently prior to being driven – usually a minimum of one (1) hour. SMILEY’S uses only the finest AGRSS, manufacturer and Department of Transportation (DOT) approved materials available.

Rust Damage Repair Examples

Rust-Before Rust-During Rust-After