When operated correctly, today’s automobiles are among the safest machines ever designed to transport people. Both domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers have incorporated the most up to date technology to ensure that their vehicles not only operate efficiently, but also protect their passengers in the event of an accident. Among the most important safety features built into each vehicle are the airbags which, depending on the vehicle, help protect the vehicle’s inhabitants in the event of a frontal or side collision.

Depending on the area of impact on the car, airbags are activated in different manners. Correct deployment of the front air bags relies heavily on the windshield of the vehicle. If the windshield does not maintain its structural integrity, the air bags may not perform as intended.

Perhaps the most exposed part of a vehicle, the windshield is frequently replaced during the ownership of a car. In today’s auto world, correct replacement of a windshield is the same as correct replacement of the brakes or the correct changing of the oil. If the new windshield is not installed correctly, utilizing the correct materials and methods, like the brakes, it will not perform its designed function(s) properly. Likewise, as in regularly scheduled oil changes, if the proper procedures, materials, and quantities are not used, the vehicle’s life span and safety features are jeopardized.

Smiley’s Glass follows the Auto Glass Safety Council’s strict AGRSS* windshield replacement process. Every installation follows a detailed process with all materials and steps documented. YES, it takes a few minutes more to perform the windshield replacement; YES, the materials used are of high quality as well as manufacturer and DOT approved and; YES, each step is designed to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers.

*For more information regarding the AGRSS process return to our Home Page and click on AGRSS. 

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