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4 Common Problems That Mean You Need a New Windshield

Keeping a windshield in good condition is vital for visibility as your drive. But did you know it can also protect you in case of an accident? When a windshield is compromised by cracks and chips the function of it is also compromised. Much of the structural stability of a vehicle depends upon the windshield being in good shape, with no cracks. Let's discuss four common problems that could mean it's time to replace your windshield

Car steering wheel dashboard on a blurry foggy landscape.From above shot.

It’s extremely dangerous when anything impairs your vision while driving. A foggy windshield is no exception. No matter what the weather is like outdoors the interior of your windshield can get fogged up. 

An agent draws up documents for broken windshield in car.

No matter how it happened, a crack or chip in your autoglass should be checked out by a repair shop since it is considered unsafe. Sometimes the idea of getting your auto insurance company involved causes uncertainty, because no one wants their premium affected. 

Red car with broken side door mirror parked on the street

Your side mirrors are very necessary for safety. One of the first rules of driving is to adjust your side mirrors, and that’s because they act as a third set of eyes on the road, alerting you to dangers behind and to the side of you. If you crack or break your side mirror, you must fix it immediately, especially if it is causing any kind of visual obstruction. Side mirrors are prone to breakage as they jut out from the body of your car, and are easy to lose or break upon impact. Years of wear and tear from flying debris on the road may also damage the glass and inhibit your vision. Here are the three big reasons you must fix your side mirror immediately. 

common myth about driving with a broken windshield

If you drive even a minimal distance regularly you've probably experienced the annoyance of a small pebble flying up and striking your windshield. A vehicle’s windshield can get cracked or chipped from debris or rocks pretty easily. Auto glass may also be damaged by other vehicles, storm debris, extreme temperature changes, or vandalism. The tempered glass is made to withstand some impact but it's unfortunately not completely resistant to damage.

what to know about auto repair for pickup trucks

The windshield in your pickup truck is more than just glass - it is a safety mechanism. It’s important to keep your truck’s glass in shape and fix any scratches or breaks immediately, otherwise, it won’t function properly. Autoglass repair for pickup trucks is more important than other vehicles because it has to be done properly by extremely experienced professionals who can select and install just the right glass. 

man cleaning snow from car windshield with brush in winter morning. transportation, winter, weather.

Virginia winters are tough on your vehicle’s windshields and windows. Preparing your autoglass and yourself with the right information is vital, so that you can take care of any situations before they become a problem. 

rear view mirror exterior outside covered with a layer of dust closeup of a dry dirty red car with rubber blades on wipers of windscreen, nobody.

It may seem no matter where you park, sticky residue always finds its way onto your windshield. Road grime, tree sap, bird droppings and a host of other environmental factors will result in your windshield having an array of sticky stuff on it. There are some ways that are safer and work better than others. 

Big truck of load in movement on highway.

Auto glass care on your big rig should be a top priority for safety. Cracked glass or glass that causes limited visibility can result in an accident. Keeping the windshield free of debris and clean inside and out is pretty simple, but there are some routine actions you can take to make sure your auto glass is safe as can be. 

Bulldozer, Excavator and Soil compactor on road work. Earth-moving heavy equipment and Construction machinery during land clearing, grading, pool excavation, utility trenching and digging

The glass in trucks, bulldozers, farming tractors, and other commercial and large vehicles is the backbone of safety for the workers operating these machines. At Smiley’s Glass, we’ve been servicing heavy equipment glass for decades in the area, with a variety of companies relying on us to provide the top-quality customer safety glass they need to keep projects moving. Even a small crack or hole in the glass can expose your employees to a variety of dangers, and the best maintenance for heavy equipment glass is professional services. 

Close up, Car glazing, fixing and repairing a windshield

Whether you’ve got a chip, crack, or hole in your windshield, you’re probably wondering how much money it’ll take to fix it. Depending on how the damage occurred and what kind of insurance you have, filing a claim may be worthwhile. 

A web of radial splits, cracks on the triplex windshield.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need a new windshield, don’t panic. The experts at Smiley’s Glass are here to help you with the best quality materials and service. We follow strict safety standards as prescribed by the Auto Glass Safety Council’s Automobile Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) process. Once we have your new windshield installed, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your investment.

View of a small narrow road with a beautiful forest landscape from car window

Fog (also known as condensation) on your interior vehicle windows is a huge problem for your car during the winter. It limits your visibility, making it difficult and unsafe to drive. If you’re on the road and your windows are fogging up, here’s a quick list to help you defog it fast:

Criminal incident. Hacking a car. Broken driver\'s side window of car. Thieves smashed window of car with fragments inside, glass was scattered throughout. Crime - broken window and theft belongings

It’s a terrible scenario to walk up to - you’re going to work, you walk up to where your car is parked, and find the windows smashed to pieces. Whether it was an accident or a malicious theft situation, fixing your windows is actually fairly easy. There are a few steps you should take to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do after finding that your car window is broken. 

broken car window, an accident on the road.

Avoiding every pebble and other nuisances as you’re driving is near impossible. Roads are littered with unseen risks to vehicles. Your windshield is particularly vulnerable. Here are some key steps to help avoid damage.

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