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Windshield Pitting

Windshield glass seems pretty straightforward visually. It looks like ordinary glass. To the untrained eye, windshield glass looks like any other piece of glass unless you know the industry differences! We encounter hundreds of glass articles daily — kitchenware, tables and furniture, auto glass, tall glass buildings, windows, and more. They may all look similar on the outside, save for some designs or textures here and there, but each piece of glass is made uniquely to hold up for its purpose. Autoglass goes through a special process that makes it more robust than your everyday glass!

Windshield Pitting

Your car’s windshield is one of the most exposed parts of the vehicle, so unfortunately, it’s subject to damage more often, especially being made of glass. Visibility is the number one priority while you’re driving, and that doesn’t work if your windshield is damaged, scratched, or pitted. Windshield pitting is something that happens to drivers who are regularly exposed to rocky roads and certain weather conditions. When tiny rocks or other debris consistently hits the windshield, it causes small holes or “pits” in the glass. They look different than shatters and scratches. In fact, it may take you time to notice these small dents, yet they can do a lot of overall damage if not fixed quickly.

How to Fix a Windshield Scratch

Your windshield serves a fundamental purpose. Visibility on the road is crucial for avoiding accidents, so keeping your windshield scratch and crack-free must be a priority. Enough damage to your car’s windshield can not only impede your ability to see but also weaken the overall integrity of your vehicle. If there’s a large crack or break, you must take your glass to be professionally repaired. However, a small scratch may not seem like a reason to rush your car to the shop, but you should invest time into fixing it. Here’s the why and how of fixing a windshield scratch.

New Developments in Windshield Technology

Autoglass has come a long way since its inception. Most people don’t really think of new developments in windshield technology, but actually, the glass used in cars is fascinatingly tough. Auto glass is made with the latest chemical processes and specially fit and sealed in the car to help protect you as you drive.

2023 Top 3 Safest Vehicles

As each year passes the world of modern technology is making cars safer than ever before. Vehicle manufacturers are investing more time and money into making their vehicles safe and they know that's what consumers expect. Whether you're looking into a sedan, an SUV, or something more sporty, here are our top 3.

How Long Does Urethane Adhesive Take to Dry?

Besides price, the biggest factor in changing or fixing your windshield glass is time. Most individuals don’t have spare vehicles or free days where they can leave their car in a shop and allow professionals to do what they need. Luckily, new technology has created quick-drying urethane adhesive for vehicles. 

How Windshield Replacement Cost is Calculated

When your windshield cracks, chips, or breaks, the first thought on most people’s minds is, “is it going to cost a fortune to fix this?” Price is at the forefront of most decisions. Windshield repair and replacement typically costs most people between $100-$500. The cost of a windshield repair or replacement is based on how badly it was damaged, the labor necessary, and the parts available to fix the windshield. Most shops are more than happy to discuss the price with you and explain it. 

5 Things To Avoid After Windshield Replacement

When you've found yourself in need of a windshield replacement you may be wondering if there's anything to avoid right afterwards so that your windshield has time to “settle” before driving.

How Can You Tell if Your Windshield was Incorrectly Installed

When the time comes to have your vehicle's windshield replaced, it's always recommended to have a professional company do the work. This will help give you the peace of mind that your windshield installation was done properly. Here are some signs that could mean your windshield was incorrectly installed. 

3 Tips for Winter Windshield Care

Safe winter driving includes maintaining your vehicle’s windshield from the conditions. Visibility on the road is the most important thing while driving, and between snow, rain, ice, and fog, improper care can lead to an accident. Windshields account for 30 percent of a car’s structural support. A strong windshield can protect you and your family in an accident. Glass contracts and expands when the weather changes, and such natural movement can exacerbate existing problems.

4 Common Problems That Mean You Need a New Windshield

Keeping a windshield in good condition is vital for visibility as your drive. But did you know it can also protect you in case of an accident? When a windshield is compromised by cracks and chips the function of it is also compromised. Much of the structural stability of a vehicle depends upon the windshield being in good shape, with no cracks. Let's discuss four common problems that could mean it's time to replace your windshield

Car steering wheel dashboard on a blurry foggy landscape.From above shot.

It’s extremely dangerous when anything impairs your vision while driving. A foggy windshield is no exception. No matter what the weather is like outdoors the interior of your windshield can get fogged up. 

An agent draws up documents for broken windshield in car.

No matter how it happened, a crack or chip in your autoglass should be checked out by a repair shop since it is considered unsafe. Sometimes the idea of getting your auto insurance company involved causes uncertainty, because no one wants their premium affected. 

Red car with broken side door mirror parked on the street

Your side mirrors are very necessary for safety. One of the first rules of driving is to adjust your side mirrors, and that’s because they act as a third set of eyes on the road, alerting you to dangers behind and to the side of you. If you crack or break your side mirror, you must fix it immediately, especially if it is causing any kind of visual obstruction. Side mirrors are prone to breakage as they jut out from the body of your car, and are easy to lose or break upon impact. Years of wear and tear from flying debris on the road may also damage the glass and inhibit your vision. Here are the three big reasons you must fix your side mirror immediately. 

common myth about driving with a broken windshield

If you drive even a minimal distance regularly you've probably experienced the annoyance of a small pebble flying up and striking your windshield. A vehicle’s windshield can get cracked or chipped from debris or rocks pretty easily. Auto glass may also be damaged by other vehicles, storm debris, extreme temperature changes, or vandalism. The tempered glass is made to withstand some impact but it's unfortunately not completely resistant to damage.

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