AGRSSThe Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to correct auto glass installations, with an emphasis on windshields, to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s driver and passengers.  Originally founded as the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council, the name was changed in early 2012.  The installation process, however, maintains the name AGRSS.

An AGRSS windshield installation provides the vehicle’s owner with peace of mind that EACH step followed during the documented procedure is designed to:

  • ~ Maintain the integrity of all safety assets involving the vehicle’s windshield.
  • ~ Ensure that ALL materials used meet manufacturer and Department of Transportation requirements.
  • ~ Assure the vehicle’s owner that the person(s) performing the windshield replacement has been properly trained and is certified in the correct installation of windshields by an independent third party company.

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