Windshield Repairs on all types of motor vehicles are most effectively performed on chips or cracks no larger than the size of a quarter.  Because of the relatively low cost of the repair process vs. replacing the windshield, some insurance companies waive the policyholder’s deductible when a repair is possible thus providing the vehicle’s owner with NO out of pocket expense.

The procedure begins with the cleaning of the damaged area by drilling out the debris.  A special resin compound is then injected into the affected area(s) to ‘fill’ the void(s) and is cured with the use of an ultra violet light. 


It is important to note two (2) things when having a repair done:

1.  There is a possibility that the chip or crack may ‘run’ during the repair process requiring a new windshield; this will generally happen during the repair. It has been our experience that the chance of this happening is less than 5%.

2.  A certain amount of distortion will remain after the repair is completed. The degree of the distortion will vary with the severity of the chip/crack. SMILEY’S recommends a windshield replacement versus a repair for any area(s) in the driver’s line of vision.

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