Door Glass Replacement procedures differ from those of the windshield. Door glass replacements require the disassembly of the door’s interior to gain access to the framework of the window’s runner in order to replace the glass itself. If the door’s cavity is not cleaned properly during the installation, you’ll hear the rattle of glass in the bottom of the door each time you make a turn, stop, or start. If the interior area of the vehicle around the door itself is not vacuumed sufficiently, you’ll be finding pieces of tempered glass for weeks. If the glass is not installed properly, you’ll hear the whistle of air or wind noise each time you drive the car at sustained speeds. If the door itself is not reassembled correctly, well, you just won’t be happy! Add to this the fact that some models now require that you disassemble not only the interior of the door but also remove the outer skin of the door to gain access to the work area and this simple sounding repair takes on a whole new dimension.

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