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Your side mirrors are very necessary for safety. One of the first rules of driving is to adjust your side mirrors, and that’s because they act as a third set of eyes on the road, alerting you to dangers behind and to the side of you. If you crack or break your side mirror, you must fix it immediately, especially if it is causing any kind of visual obstruction. Side mirrors are prone to breakage as they jut out from the body of your car, and are easy to lose or break upon impact. Years of wear and tear from flying debris on the road may also damage the glass and inhibit your vision. Here are the three big reasons you must fix your side mirror immediately. 

Broken Side Mirror Impedes Your Visibility

This is the biggest reason to replace the glass immediately. Reduced visibility affects your driving as it creates a blind spot for vehicles and pedestrians, impedes your view of vehicles that are approaching at a high speed, reduces your ability to change lanes safely, and curtails your ability to react quickly in a dangerous situation. While your rearview mirror helps in a lot of these situations, the one mirror isn’t enough, as it doesn’t cover the entire roadway behind you or to your sides. 

Cracks Lead to Shattering, Broken Tech

A modern car’s side mirror houses a lot of tech behind that glass, and failing to properly attend to a crack can cause a serious problem that may require you to replace the entire fixture. When the housing and mechanisms are allowed to get damaged, it may prevent you from being able to adjust your mirrors entirely. Additionally, a small crack can easily end with the entire pane shattering at an odd moment. All cracks on glass, no matter how small, slowly spread over time. With enough force from slamming the door, your mirror can break into pieces. The shattered glass may even lead to a physical injury as these shards tend to fly. 

You May Get Pulled Over

In Virginia, it is the law that “no person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway in the Commonwealth if the vehicle is not equipped with a mirror which reflects to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of not less than 200 feet to the rear of such vehicle.” This leaves some leeway, but it is likely you would end up with a fine if your mirror is visibly broken. Continuing to drive with a broken mirror may lead to more serious consequences. However, even a fine is a reason to fix your mirror quickly. It’s cheaper to visit a glass auto repair shop than it is to continue to pay fines. 

At the end of the day, having your side mirrors fixed is a quick and easy task, especially when you visit Smiley’s Auto Glass in Richmond. Our shop has serviced the community for more than 50 years, and all of our experts all well-trained in the newest glass application methods, so you can expect great results. Call us to talk to an expert and get a quote at 804-320-7172. 

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