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If your vehicle's windows aren't functioning as they're meant to, it can be frustrating, especially in cooler or inclement weather. It's important to know what could be the cause of your power window failure and what actions to take if you're experiencing it.

Whatever the cause is, safety is of the utmost concern as you travel, and functioning windows and intact auto glass are vital. This information can help you recognize the possible issues involving your power windows.

1) Snow and ice can affect power windows

When the window glass is layered with snow and ice, the up and down movement is not only impacted until it defrosts, but can result in a bigger problem.

If the window does not roll down immediately when pressing the switch, it could be due to freezing moisture that has settled within the inner workings of the power window in areas that you can't see. If the window does not roll up or down easily, do not continue to force the window, repeated attempts can result in damage to the motor.

Allow some extra time for it to warm up in your vehicle and once you see the ice melting it should become easier to roll your window down. Taking care to defrost your windows properly will help avoid damage to the auto glass.

2) Power window motor failure

Pretty much any type of motor can become faulty over time and this includes your vehicle's power window motors. Wear and tear on the components can result in motor failure over time.

Some signs that it may be in the beginning stages of needing replacement include slow, sluggish movement or stalling halfway through moving up and down.

3) Faulty or loose wiring can occur

The wiring throughout vehicles is important to stay intact for components to work properly. This wiring is protected by materials to keep it all in good working condition, but sometimes damage can occur.

Debris, moisture, and corrosion can all affect the wiring in even the best-made vehicles. Depending on the roads where you typically drive and the elements, your vehicle may be at a greater risk of exposure to repetitive vibrations which can also affect wiring. This can all lead to wires being damaged or loosened as you travel.

4) The power window switch can go bad

Power switch failure is a fairly common issue. The main control switch located on the driver's side can be found in many vehicles. This switch can operate all of the windows and also may have a locking safety mechanism to use for child-proofing. Over time this switch can go bad and need to be replaced.

This switch can also become faulty if it's subjected to moisture from a window leak or liquids spilled that seep into the working components. Always make sure your windows are intact and if there are any leaks or windows aren't completely closing consider contacting a trusted local glass company.

5) Broken auto glass can cause window failure

It is reasonable to assume that there is a mechanical failure when your window stops working but it could be due to damaged auto glass. When glass is cracked it can become inoperable.

Some signs that it may be your glass causing the problem rather than mechanical issues include:

  • A scraping sound as the window moves up or down. The sound may be a broken piece that is sliding around the window track.
  • If the glass tends to tilt forward or backward as it moves it might just be off track but also could be a piece of glass broken near the bottom corner or base of the window.

Smiley’s Glass offers power window motor repair in addition to exceptional auto glass services. Power window repair requires the disassembly of the interior of the vehicle’s door therefore this particular service is only available at our Forest Hill Avenue location.

We have served the Richmond, VA area for decades and are here to take care of all your auto glass repairs and replacements. Call us at 804-320-7172 or contact us online. We provide a convenient mobile glass repair or replacement service so you can avoid any disruptions to your busy schedule.

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