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Questions to Ask An Auto Glass specialist

When you’re ready to take your broken or cracked windshield down to a shop, it’s essential to find the best possible local experts to do the work. A high-quality windshield can keep you and your car safe for a long time. Here are the 5 questions to ask an auto glass specialist.

Do I need a Repair or a Replacement?

If your windshield has any cracks in it, you’ll likely have to replace it. Windshields are made from sturdy glass created especially to minimize damage in an accident. There are some cracks that you might be able to repair, but often, cracks can spread and damage your windshield further. If you’re not sure, ask your repair shop if a replacement is necessary, or if they’ll be able to fix your current glass.

How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

You need to know when you’ll have your car back, so always check with your specialist. They’re supposed to give you an accurate estimate. The actual process doesn’t take long - about an hour in a qualified shop. However, they may have a lot of cars to deal with. Your windshield replacement shouldn’t take more than a day or two, tops. If the shop you contacted is going to take longer than that, you’d probably be better off taking your car to a shop like Smiley’s who make every effort to service your vehicle in a timely manner - usually within 24 hours.

Does This Shop Use High-Quality Glass and Adhesive?

Always check the type of products your auto glass specialist is using. There are usually two types of auto glass: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket glass. The two have a price difference and a quality difference. An OEM windshield comes from the car’s manufacturer and is guaranteed to be the best quality around - the price will depend on your vehicle’s maker. Aftermarket glass is not brand name and will be the cheaper option. Experts in the field argue that the quality of aftermarket glass is often the same or similar to OEM glass, especially now that technology has ramped up the production process.

The type of glass and its benefits are up to you, but you should check with the shop to make sure that you’re getting quality windshield glass.

Are the Auto Glass Technicians Certified?

Before leaving your car anywhere, check that the shop you’re working with is certified with excellent credentials! Too often, shop “experts” have been certified by the shop they’re working in. You want to make sure that the individuals working on your car have certification from the Auto Glass Safety Council.

Is the Shop Certified?

The shop should be an AGRSS (Automobile Glass Replacement Safety Standard) Certified auto glass replacement store. This body governs the installation and quality control of auto glass and ensures that experts with this certification and not only using the best quality products on the market but the most modern techniques to install it. Have your glass appropriately installed, and it will last you years. On top of that certification, you should check that the shop you’re working with has good customer service reviews and an excellent rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Finding the Best Local Auto Glass Shop Near Me

Smiley’s Glass provides the highest-quality auto glass installation in the Richmond, VA area. Call Smiley’s at 804-320-7172 and speak to a windshield repair expert today. Don’t let that crack in your windshield develop into something worse. Our friendly staff will get the job done quickly. Smiley’s Glass has been serving the community for more than 50 years and has an A+ rating from the BBB.




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