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laugh dyi2When it comes to safety while driving, your vehicle’s mirrors are one of the most important features built into your car. That’s why finding the right replacement for a broken or damaged side mirror is extremely important.

In fact, the mirrors of your car are often specifically designed for their location and therefore cannot be replaced with an ordinary household mirror. For example, the passenger-side mirror is a convex mirror. A convex mirror bends light as it reflects it, and the farther away a point is from the center, the more the light is bent. As a result, an image formed in a convex mirror is smaller than an image in a plane (flat) mirror. That’s why the passenger-side mirror on your vehicle likely came equipped with the disclaimer, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

Because the mirrors on your car are specifically designed to help you see other vehicles while driving, a side mirror cannot be replaced with any regular mirror you have laying around the house. If you have a side mirror that needs to be replaced, make sure you do so with a regulation side mirror that is made for the make and model of your specific vehicle. Many drivers, unfortunately, do not seem to understand that necessity. Luckily for us, that means there are plenty of DIY side-mirror fails for us to laugh at. Seriously folks, don’t try these at home!



Five Laugh-Worthy DIY Side Mirror Fails

This one is a classic. Nothing says “I improvised” quite like a plastic, neon green, hand-held mirror secured to your truck with duct tape.

This driver decided they needed a full panoramic view with each glance to their passenger side-mirror.

They say “bigger is better,” right? At least this driver certainly won’t be hitting the curb when they parallel park.

There’s no way this one works, but hey, at least it’s a creative way to make use of all those old CDs in your car!

Can’t you basically hear the hairbrush repeating “act natural” to itself over and over again? This side-mirror fail is just plain wrong and we can’t stop laughing.

While we cannot recommend any of these side-mirror options, we can all certainly get a good laugh from them. For all of your vehicle’s glass repair needs, contact the team at Smiley’s Glass in Richmond, Virginia today. We offer the safest and finest services when it comes to windshield repair or replacement. You can rest assured that we use only quality, manufacturer approved products as prescribed by the Auto Glass Safety Council’s AGRSS program. For more information on our expert auto glass repair or replacement services, you can contact us by dialing 804-320-7172.

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