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How Can You Tell if Your Windshield was Incorrectly Installed

When the time comes to have your vehicle's windshield replaced, it's always recommended to have a professional company do the work. This will help give you the peace of mind that your windshield installation was done properly. Here are some signs that could mean your windshield was incorrectly installed. 

Water Leaks 

A windshield should be water-tight. It's made to be completely leak proof, so if it's leaking shortly after being replaced, that's a sure sign that something went wrong during installation. When driving in the rain or through a car wash keep a close eye on the areas where the windshield comes into contact with the edges near the dashboard and around the seal. If you notice there's moisture accumulating on your dashboard around the windshield you should immediately contact the installation company.

A Noticeable Wind Noise While Driving

Windshields installed properly should dull the sound of road noise. If you're hearing a “whooshing” or similar sound, especially at higher speeds, it's very likely that an improperly installed windshield is the culprit. That annoying sound of wind should not be happening. This noise can range from being very subtle to very obvious, depending on how poorly the installation job was done. Listen closely with the windows up, and the radio and AC turned off. Contact your installer if there’s a noise you’ve never noticed before.

Rattling Noise 

Another sound you should be on the lookout for after a windshield replacement is a rattling noise. If the old adhesive wasn't thoroughly removed and new adhesive wasn't properly applied it can result in a vibrating noise as your windshield moves ever so slightly. This can be most noticeable on uneven roadways or during higher speeds. A snug fitting, properly installed windshield should not make any rattling noises.

The Glass is Rippled

Windshield glass should appear smooth and even. When you look at your car in the sunlight, and notice it has a rippled appearance, that's not a good sign. Any obvious waves or surface abrasions in the glass are cause for concern. You may see this or you may first notice it when your wipers are on if they aren't smoothly gliding across the glass. This is a sign of a quality issue with your new windshield glass.

What to do if your windshield shows these warning signs: If you've recently had windshield replacement and you're experiencing any of these issues it's reasonable to suspect that your glass was installed incorrectly. This is a real safety hazard, as your windshield not only provides protection from the elements it also provides stability to your vehicle in case of an accident. If that structural support is compromised you're more likely to be injured. You should not operate a vehicle that is suspected of having an improperly installed windshield.

At Smiley’s Glass we take your safety seriously. Our experienced professionals know how to give you a quality installation with quality glass. We offer hassle free mobile service so your schedule won't be interrupted as we perform our job. Our expert installs are guaranteed. Give us a call at (804) 320-7172 or visit us online.

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