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Clean Car Windows Without Streaks

Cleaning car windows may sound simple but avoiding streaks can be tricky. You might wonder why auto glass seems to streak so easily. Let's briefly look at what causes streaks and smudges.

Streaks can form on your car windows when there's not enough cleaning product to cover surfaces so it ends up drying before you're done. Streaks can also occur if the weather is extreme, too hot, or cold. A common cause of glass streaking is using the wrong type of cleaner or a dirty cloth.

Here are the top pointers on how to prevent streaks on auto glass.

1) Keep an eye on the weather. You might think it doesn't matter what time of day you clean the glass on your car but it does. You'll have much better results if your car's windshield and windows aren't too hot or too cold. Extremely hot temperatures can cause cleaning products to dry too quickly and create smudges. Colder temperatures can create fogging as you work to clean the glass. Wait until the glass is at a mild temperature before you begin the task.

2) Use the right products. Get your must-have items ready and don't substitute. Using the right products is vital for streak-free results. The main reason streaks remain on auto glass is using the wrong products. The proper items to have on hand include:

  • Glass cleaner that is recommended for auto glass
  • Clean, lint-free microfiber towels
  • Distilled water since it contains no minerals

3) Interior vs Exterior cleaning is something to familiarize yourself with. There are different cleaning methods depending on which side of the glass you're working on. Cleaning the exterior of the window presents the challenge of removing any dirt or excess build-up from outside elements such as bird droppings or road grime. Giving the exterior a quick soap and water wash before getting out the glass cleaner is recommended. Using distilled water in place of tap water can help avoid streaks as it is free from minerals that can be left behind. While cleaning the interior, you should not spray the cleaning solution directly on the windows. Spraying it on a cloth will help to avoid excess from running onto the dashboard. This will prevent wasting products and time.

4) Keep your auto glass intact. When auto glass has become pitted and or cracked it creates nooks for dirt to settle and may become difficult to remove. When you start cleaning a window that presents these problems, you'll find a bit of dirt gets mixed in while cleaning and that can result in streaks. For safety reasons and aesthetic reasons keeping the glass in good condition is essential. Have any cracks or pits in your auto glass repaired by a professional.

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