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how to prevent windshield cracksWhen you think about the role of windshields as it relates to safety, the obvious answer is that they protect you from dust and other from striking you as you drive. However, there is a lot more that windshields do for car safety, including providing structural integrity to the car itself. Today's cars are meticulously designed to be as safe as possible, and the windshield plays a big part in ensuring that they are safe for passengers. Let’s look into some expected and some unexpected ways windshields make cars safer.

There’s nothing worse than hopping into your car only to notice that small chip in your windshield has grown into a 7-inch crack. But could this crack have been avoided from the start? The answer is often yes.

Windshield cracks often begin as small chips in the glass. While sometimes windshield chips are unavoidable, it is important to take precautionary steps to ensure that the chip does not grow into a larger crack in the glass. Large windshield cracks not only impact the integrity of the windshield glass but can also inhibit the driver’s view of the roadway. Once your windshield cracks, a more costly windshield replacement is often necessary. To help you avoid the replacement, we’ll teach you our best tips and tricks for how to keep that pesky windshield chip from expanding into a full-blown crack.

Drive carefully

The easiest way to prevent windshield chips and cracks is to drive as carefully as possible. Being aware of what can cause a windshield chip can help you avoid them altogether. The primary causes of windshield chips include airborne rocks, road debris, and inclement weather.

In order to avoid a windshield chip from flying rocks or debris in the roadway, it’s important to understand when these occurrences are most likely. Rocks and debris are not uncommon on roadways but typically only become a threat to windshields when traveling at high speeds. Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles during interstate or highway travel can help avoid flying rocks and debris. It’s also important to note that larger vehicles typically kick up more objects than smaller, more compact vehicles. Vehicles like trucks and eighteen-wheelers are the most likely to kick up airborne rocks and debris and should be followed with caution at all times to avoid windshield damage.

Windshield damage can also occur as a result of hail or wind. If you know inclement weather will be affecting your area, try to avoid driving during these times. Hail can cause direct damage to your windshield as ice falling from the sky can cause chips, cracks and even shattered windshields. Wind can also stir up debris from the surrounding area, causing damage to windshields and auto glass.

Take Action Fast

Once you notice a chip or small crack in your windshield, it is important to have it inspected by a professional auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. Often times, a smaller chip or crack can be repaired without compromising the integrity of the windshield or requiring a full windshield replacement. Consulting an expert early on can prevent the initial chip from growing into a much larger and more expensive windshield crack, and is important to assuring that your car is safe to operate.

Keep it From Getting Worse

It’s important to remember that while a small chip or crack in your windshield may be harmless at first, it can easily grow and cause further damage to the windshield. If addressing the chip immediately is not an option, you can take precautionary measures to ensure that the chip does not worsen.

1. Be Careful

The easiest way to keep the chip from growing into a larger crack is to drive carefully and avoid potholes and excessively bumpy roadways. Driving over large bumps can cause the chip to spread into a crack in a matter of seconds.

2. Keep the Chip Dry and Clean

You should also try to prevent any dirt and debris from entering the chip. Remember that any dirt, debris or water that enters the chip could cause further damage and make it much more difficult to repair. Excess sun and heat exposure can also cause a small chip to grow into a larger crack. If possible, try parking your vehicle in a garage or in a shaded spot to avoid damage from water, debris or excess heat exposure.

Sometimes a windshield chip is unavoidable but by utilizing these strategies, you can prevent that pesky windshield chip from growing into an even bigger issue. Smiley's Glass provides experienced auto glass repair and replacement services in Richmond Virginia. We offer the safest and finest services when it comes to windshield repair or replacement. You can rest assured that we use only quality, manufacturer approved products as prescribed by the Auto Glass Safety Council’s AGRSS program. For more information on our expert auto glass repair or replacement services, you can contact us by dialing 804-320-7172.

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