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How Windshield Replacement Cost is Calculated

When your windshield cracks, chips, or breaks, the first thought on most people’s minds is, “is it going to cost a fortune to fix this?” Price is at the forefront of most decisions. Windshield repair and replacement typically costs most people between $100-$500. The cost of a windshield repair or replacement is based on how badly it was damaged, the labor necessary, and the parts available to fix the windshield. Most shops are more than happy to discuss the price with you and explain it. 

When You Should Replace Your Windshield

There are many different kinds of damage that can happen to your windshield. The severity isn’t always the same, which means some problems can be fixed by a professional and cost much less. More severe problems will require a total replacement, which will cost more. The price of a new windshield also varies by make, model, and availability.

You should always take your car down to the auto glass shop and discuss it with a professional before deciding. Many drivers experience cracks and chips in the windshield but decide to leave it as is, because the cost of replacement is too great. In some cases, like minor chips or cracks, the professional can fix the windshield with special tools so that your visibility is not affected, which is far less expensive. However, some cracks worsen with time and can lead to your entire windshield shattering. For example, edge cracks, which start at the edges or your windshield, can compromise safety. The windshield is meant to take a beating from rocks and other debris on the road. When it’s already chipped or cracked in certain places, the force of a small rock can cause incredible damage.

How Auto-Glass Shops Price Windshield Replacement and Repair

Replacing parts is usually what makes the price such a variable. Newer, more expensive luxury cars seeking OEM parts can expect that replacing the windshield will be twice as expensive as an older car. 

Aftermarket windshields, which refers to glass made by other manufacturers, can cost around $100 less than OEM parts (produced by the original manufacturer). The decision is up to you! However, AAA warns that aftermarket parts may not be as quality as the more expensive glass. This may mean that it chips or cracks easier, leading to you needing to replace the windshield more often. Opting for an OEM windshield is pricier at the moment but likely the cheaper option in the long run.

Luckily, for those worried about price, insurance covers most of the cost of windshield replacement, if not all. If your windshield cracks and breaks, especially if it's on the road, due to harsh weather conditions, or is damaged in an accident, it’s vital that you call your insurance company. Leaving a broken windshield alone can lead to worse damage and even compromise your car’s structure if you’re in an accident.

If your windshield is cracked, damaged, or broken, contact Smiley’s Glass for a free quote. Our experts will survey the damage and give you all the best prices and options so that you can fix your vehicle’s glass quickly and easily, without breaking the bank.

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