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New Developments in Windshield Technology

Autoglass has come a long way since its inception. Most people don’t really think of new developments in windshield technology, but actually, the glass used in cars is fascinatingly tough. Auto glass is made with the latest chemical processes and specially fit and sealed in the car to help protect you as you drive.

The newest high-end brand car models are starting to come with heated windshields. Scientists are working on things like wiper-free ultrasonic glass and panoramic windshields. There are so many advancements for auto glass to look forward to in 2023.

Gorilla Glass

Many windshields are now made out of Gorilla Glass, which is an incredibly durable blend of materials that are designed to protect you in bad situations. Gorilla Glass stands up to dirt, bugs, rocks, and even tree branches, ensuring that you stay safe. Investing in glass that can withstand blows from objects means less breakage, repairs, and replacements. 

Gorilla glass for windshields contains three layers. Gorilla glass, plastic adhesive, and soda-lime glass are all combined in a chemical heating process to create the strongest auto glass currently available on the market. 

Panoramic Windshields

Though these are made from quality products, the focus here is on creating a beautiful aesthetic. Panoramic windshields were debuted by Tesla in 2019, and combine the windshield and sunroof into one large window, similar to a cockpit. It’s the largest all-glass windshield available to drivers. 

Smart Glass

Just like many other products, there are now digitized windshields available. First made available for construction companies and now making its way into mainstream automobiles, smart glass allows the user to control several factors. With smart glass, you can control the amount of sunlight shining through, so you can avoid glare. It’s electrochromic glass, and is now used for new models of sports cars. 

Wiper-Free Windshields

This is up-and-coming technology that scientists at McLaren are working on creating. Because windshield wipers can sometimes damage glass, luxury automobile makers are trying to figure out how to avoid it. So far, the idea is to create an ultrasonic system in the windshield that repels rain, snow, and dust by emitting waves. It hasn’t come to fruition yet but is currently in development!

Heated Front Windshields

This is a fantastic function for drivers who are consistently up against cold weather and fog. Windshields are known to fog up and limit visibility when the heat from inside the car and the cold hitting the windshield come into contact. The way to fix this is to turn up the heat, then turn on the AC, and hit the recirculation button or open the windows so cold air can get into the car. 

However, the other way to fix this is to install a heated windshield. This type of windshield has wiring sandwiched between the layers of glass, which can heat up and make it easy to defog or defrost the vehicle. This is perfect for drivers in Virginia during winter. 

At Smiley’s Glass, our experts are trained in the latest methods of windshield installation and maintenance. We can handle your repairs and replacements quickly. Call us at 804-320-7172 or bring your vehicle in today.

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