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Old decaying car showing broken glass windows and rotting interior that is abandoned at a salvage yard.

All pickup trucks require a level of maintenance in order to maintain safety. If you drive a commercial pick up, repairing damages like windshield cracks are even more vital. Not only is it illegal in most states to drive around with a broken or cracked windshield, but it is also actually quite dangerous for the driver as well as any passengers.



Auto Glass Basics

Most shops use laminated glass for windshields. This type of glass is made up of two sheets of glass with a thin layer of plastic or resin in between. These layers go through a treatment process that involves chemically heating the glass to make it ultra-strong. The glass in your car or pickup truck is meant to withstand collisions (to some point). While a forceful car wreck will still result in a broken windshield, it should hold up in minor accidents, bumps, and fender benders.

Properly-installed auto glass should help keep you safe on the road. Driving around with a poorly-installed, cracked, or broken windshield will cause it to shatter upon impact, which could leave you with lasting injuries.

The Importance of Good Auto Glass for Pickup Trucks

The windshield, as well as the windows and other auto glass parts, are a large part of your vehicle’s structural integrity. This means that auto manufacturers have specifically built vehicles to withstand accidents (again, to a point) as long as the car’s structure is intact. A broken or cracked windshield means the structure of the pickup truck is compromised. This could cause the roof to collapse and makes the glass windows vulnerable in an accident.

Your windshield also blocks rocks and debris from hitting you as you drive down the road or highway (think back to the days before auto glass, remember people in old movies having to wear goggles and scarves to drive?).

The windshield and airbags also work in tandem. The windshield is designed in a way that keeps the driver’s body upright when the airbags deploy. An already cracked or broken windshield may shatter completely and blow out if the airbags deploy in an accident.

This is dangerous not just for the driver of the pickup truck, but any other motorist involved in the accident. Flying glass and car parts can make a small collision into a devastating one. Most importantly, the damage these accidents cause is preventable.

Windshield Repair for Pickup Trucks in Richmond

To prevent a devastating accident, make sure you call a secure, licensed, and reliable auto glass shop to repair any damage to your windshield as soon as possible. At Smiley’s Auto Glass, we have more than 55 years of experience repairing windshields for all types of vehicles. If your pickup truck’s windshield has been broken, cracked, or damaged, call us at 804-320-7172 or simply bring in your vehicle to get an estimate.

Smiley’s is registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council, which provides shops with the most up-to-date information for auto glass installation. Our technicians will make sure your vehicle is safe and up to all necessary safety performance standards, no matter what the damage is.

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