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The windshield of the car is stained with feces of birds.

There are some unavoidable risks when parking your vehicle. Yet there are some minor adjustments that you can make to avoid unnecessary risk of damage. These tips will go a long way to helping you avoid auto glass mishaps. 



Park Under Carports If Possible

When your vehicle is parked in the open it’s subjected to risk of damage more so than usual. Your auto glass is especially vulnerable to damage as it’s exposed to the elements. Weather or even accidental mishaps from human activities such as children playing nearby can cause a chip or crack. Carports provide protection from most unforeseen risks. 

The weather is often unpredictable and hail can cause severe cracks or chips. Any type of covering provides protection which will go a long way to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Avoid Parking Near Sports Parks

Outdoor sports parks are fun but when you park a vehicle nearby it can result in a broken windshield. Baseball parks are especially risky as balls are often hit outside of the field. When you must park near the field try to park where there’s a buffer between your vehicle and the playing area. Park facing away from the field as front windshields are at greater risk of damage due to the size and angle of the glass. 

Utilize parking decks or on-street parking near the field. Taking the time to park in those areas will lessen the risk of damage. The further away you are parking from sporting activities the better.

When Possible Do Not Park Under Trees or Awnings

Parking under trees, even small ones in grocery store parking lots is risky. Your auto glass will be vulnerable to many risk factors.

Tree branches can fall off nearby trees without warning and crack your auto glass. During storms trees are especially vulnerable to being uprooted or losing large branches. Depending on the size of the tree and the branches this risk can be severe, and if anyone is in the vehicle, it can easily not only cause glass damage but bodily injury to the occupants. 

Birds nesting or congregating in the nearby trees or building overhangs can wreak havoc on your auto glass. 

As birds tend to do they will leave droppings on your vehicle. This may not seem like a big deal as it can be washed off, but if there are multiple birds and it continues for an extended period of time as you shop, you may return to quite a mess. The bacteria and other elements in the droppings can spread germs and also leave unsightly stains and residue which is difficult to remove once it sits.

Consider parking in open areas away from overhanging awnings and trees. The open space will work in your favor when birds are present. 

Smiley’s Glass has you covered for all your auto glass needs. The convenience of our mobile service will mean less hassle for you. Call Smiley’s Glass (804) 320-7172. 

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