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auto glass replacementLike everything else in your car, you want to make sure your automobile’s glass windows and mirrors are safe. The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is a not-for-profit national organization that creates the safety standards and regulations for auto glass.

What is the AGRSS?

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) lays out the industry’s current best practices for safety standards. These guidelines are created by a committee of experienced auto glass replacement practitioners, suppliers, trainers, and other professionals in the industry.

According to the AGSC website, the AGRSS addresses six vital areas that are relevant to car glass installation. These topics include things like vehicle assessment, selection of proper glass, and installation standards for adhesive-bonded glass and all other types of glass. They also address training programs for auto glass technicians to make sure that those continuing in the industry are receiving the best information possible throughout their education.

Understanding AGRSS Updates

Initially created in 1999, the AGRSS has been updated several times throughout the years, most recently in 2018. Technology changes and products change, and what was considered safe ten years ago isn’t always the case. Many recommend replacing a car’s glass with a more current model, especially if the automobile hasn’t been checked in a while. The best way to know if your auto glass is up to standard is to enlist the help of glass installation experts in your area.

The last update of this document was in 2015, and with constant developments in technology, professionals have found more efficient ways to install glass. Since technicians must follow standard procedures, many shops and professionals felt it was time for an update that didn’t impede development. It’s vital to continue updating these standards in the glass industry so that professionals can genuinely provide the best and most effective service for their customers.

Safety Standard Process

The AGSG provides testing and certification for auto glass technicians that work under their standards. Individuals are always advised to ask their service person if their equipment and installation procedures are up-to-date. This stipulation in the AGRSS works to make sure that individuals get standard services across the country.

The glass safety standards also address customer service, thereby increasing the level of professionalism. Fast and friendly service goes a long way, and when it comes to auto glass, every individual deserves to work with professionals that can answer questions, and provide fast and reliable service.

The AGRSS uses the most recent research available when it comes to creating new safety standards. By looking at crash test data from major car companies, as well as listening to a panel of professionals in the glass industry, car manufacturers, and other professionals, the AGRSS ensures that their standards have merit.

Finding a Glass Professional

For motorists in the Richmond area, it’s essential to find an auto glass shop that adheres to the latest safety standards. Luckily, Virginia doesn’t top the list for the most accidents, but crashes that result in injuries are frequent. Stay safe by calling Smiley’s Glass. All of Smiley’s technicians are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council.

A family-owned business, Smiley’s Glass has been helping local clients for more than 50 years - through two generations! Smiley’s is BBB accredited with an A+ rating. A staple of the community, Smiley’s makes sure that all their customers receive top-notch service and auto glass that stands up to the nation’s most stringent standards.

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