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Windshield Pitting

Your car’s windshield is one of the most exposed parts of the vehicle, so unfortunately, it’s subject to damage more often, especially being made of glass. Visibility is the number one priority while you’re driving, and that doesn’t work if your windshield is damaged, scratched, or pitted. Windshield pitting is something that happens to drivers who are regularly exposed to rocky roads and certain weather conditions. When tiny rocks or other debris consistently hits the windshield, it causes small holes or “pits” in the glass. They look different than shatters and scratches. In fact, it may take you time to notice these small dents, yet they can do a lot of overall damage if not fixed quickly.

Poor Visibility Conditions

Windshield pitting affects your ability to see while on the road. If the pit or hole is located directly in front of your front driver’s side, you likely have to get it fixed immediately. If it’s not directly in your line of sight, it can still affect your perception of the road, as uneven and broken glass distributes light differently. If any light source hits the crater just so, it can blind you for a moment while you’re on the road, which can lead to an accident.

Compromised Structure

As your windshield continues to take damage, all the craters add up! If you don’t repair your windshield or get it replaced, you’ll continue to sustain worse damage. If you already have a few pits, that area is already weaker and unable to take as much damage as the glass when it is whole. A hit from a rock in the road or a branch may suddenly shatter the windshield if it’s already compromised. This can put you and your passengers at risk and will come under scrutiny from your insurance company.

Pitting and Windshield Wipers

Having numerous holes, pits, or shatters and scratches can further limit your visibility in rainy or snowy weather. As your wipers are designed to spread cleaning fluid across your windshield and wipe it away, they may be ineffectual when it comes to pitted auto glass. They fail to get water out of these holes, and that can get dangerous. Over 65% of car crashes are due to poor visibility.

How to Fix Windshield Pitting

Unfortunately, there’s no DIY method that works with windshield pitting. If your auto glass has small holes in it from repetitive strikes with rocks, dust, and debris, you’ll have to take it to an auto shop and replace the glass. If your windshield has pits, scratches, or any other damage, call Smiley’s Glass at 804-320-7172. Our professionals are ready to replace your windshield with quality parts and the best installation techniques. We’ve serviced the Richmond, VA, area for over 50 years, so you know your car is in good hands!

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