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rock chips windshield

You’re cruising, driving down the highway, on your way home, when you hear a crack. Suddenly, there’s a rock in the windshield! This scenario is unfortunately all too common, especially on Virginia roads. Often, large trucks and automobiles don’t notice when gravel flies behind them, endangering citizens as they go. There’s always a sense of dread when you realize that your visibility is hindered, and then a second sinking feeling as you know you have to replace your windshield.

Before you can get your car to the nearest glass shop, there are a few things you should do if a rock chips your windshield.

Stay Calm

When something hits your car, it’s easy to panic. Many individuals report starting to shift their seats up and down to improve visibility or may swerve from shock. Staying aware of these types of dangers on the road should keep you prepared should you encounter a surprise like a rock suddenly flying into your windshield. The best thing you can do is act like it isn’t there, especially if it’s out of your immediate sight. Drive home slowly and carefully, and once you’re there, you can inspect the damage. If the crack is directly in your line of vision, find the next possible place you can pull over and assess the damage. Stay off the highways, and drive attentively.

Access the Damage

Use a magnifying glass to inspect the damage. If there are visible cracks, hairline cracks, or scratches on the surface, you may need to replace your entire windshield. Generally, after any damage to the windshield, it’s a good idea to take your automobile to a professional. They can help repair the damage, or fit your car for a new windshield if necessary.

Why You Should Repair Your Windshield

Although there are plenty of videos on the internet that will help you do your own handiwork, it’s never as reliable as a professional. Filling the hole may not be enough, and may still impair your visibility as you drive. To stay safe, and keep others around you on the road safe, you should always have full use of your windshield. Cracks are incredibly serious as they can spread and damage your entire windshield, so if you don’t replace it right away, chances are you’ll have to replace it sooner rather than later.

Preparing for a Windshield Replacement

Make sure you pick a reputable glass shop, like Smiley’s Glass, which has been helping Virginia residents fix their cracked, broken, and outdated windshields for more than 50 years. If there’s extensive damage, you may need to arrange for alternative transportation for just a few days. Check your insurance policy, as some cover windshield damage and might cover the entire cost of replacement, or at least help pay for a rental during that time.

Windshield Repair in Virginia

If a rock chips your windshield, call the experts at Smiley’s Glass at 804-320-7172 or stop by for a visit. All of our technicians are experienced, trained, and adhere to the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) directions for windshield installation. Providing the highest quality glass and service, we are always happy to consult and answer any questions. Don’t wait to replace your windshield if it has sustained any damage. Stay safe on the road, and contact Smiley’s Glass for cost-effective and straightforward windshield replacement.

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