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what to know about auto repair for pickup trucks

The windshield in your pickup truck is more than just glass - it is a safety mechanism. It’s important to keep your truck’s glass in shape and fix any scratches or breaks immediately, otherwise, it won’t function properly. Autoglass repair for pickup trucks is more important than other vehicles because it has to be done properly by extremely experienced professionals who can select and install just the right glass. 

Driving your pickup around with a crack or while it is broken is also a ticketable offense in many states, including Virginia. Any large or splintering crack is considered hazardous enough to be “out of compliance,” and may prompt a fine. Having a crack is a visibility issue. Your windshield is also there to protect you from flying debris on the road, and prior fractures make the entire glass more vulnerable. When a rock hits an already chipped windshield it is way more likely to crack, causing an immediate safety issue with broken glass and limited visibility.

Here’s What to Know About Autoglass for Pickup Trucks 

Whether you’re driving your personal pickup or a commercial truck, it is a large vehicle and not all auto glass stores can address this problem. At Smiley’s Glass, we offer repair or replacement with OEM glass. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is usually regarded as the highest quality, as it is produced by the company that created the vehicle and is, therefore, the same as the original glass. 

If you’re driving a commercial pickup, your company may be responsible for paying to replace the glass. Otherwise, depending on the accident that caused the damage, your insurance carrier may cover a replacement. 

How to Maintain Your Pickup’s Windshield and Glass

Although some accidents are inevitable, there are ways that you can keep your glass in good shape and avoid damaging it. Here are some tips:

  • Clean your glass with a non-ammonia-based cleaner and a soft microfiber towel to reduce streaks and keep your visibility pristine
  • Pick a day once a month to thoroughly check the glass all over your pickup and make sure there are no cracks, scratches, or other dents inside or out. A small scratch may warrant an easy repair but if it is allowed to grow into a large crack, you’ll need a replacement
  • Check for micro-pits, which are tiny dents in the front bottom of the windshield that are created after long-term use, when debris and small rocks hit the windshield. Too many of these micro-pits and your glass may require a replacement, as these are considered safety hazards that reduce vision when reflected by oncoming headlights
  • Inspect the bodywork around your windshield and glass. Any damage to the seals around the glass may require repair
  • Replace your wipers when they become brittle or old - they can cause scratches along your windshield when they aren’t soft and new

If you notice a problem with your pickup’s auto glass, call Smiley’s Glass at 804-320-7172 and speak to an expert about a quality repair or replacement. 

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