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It can be frustrating when your windshield is icy or keeps fogging up especially if you're in a hurry. Ice and fog can both affect visibility and make travel unsafe. Our experts compiled a list of some tried and true methods to safely defrost your auto glass and some things to avoid.

Keep your windshield protected from the elements

Whenever possible it's a good idea to keep your vehicle covered. Avoiding the need to clear ice and snow off your windshield will make winter travel easier. Of course, it is not always an option if you don't have access to a covered parking area or a garage, but there are some ways you can still keep it covered.

A car cover or tarp can work, just be sure it's clean and keep it secured. You can also pull your windshield wipers gently away from the windshield before an expected snow or ice storm. When you leave your wipers in the up position while your car is parked they won't be covered by so much snow or ice.

Take your time to avoid damage to your windshield

Understandably, you might be in a hurry and want to clear your windshield quickly, especially during inclement weather. Taking your time and following some basic steps will go a long way to prevent damage to your auto glass.

The defrosting process shouldn't take too long and keeping your windshield intact will be worth that brief wait.

It's important to avoid extreme temperature change

When there is an extreme change in temperature auto glass is more vulnerable to damage. Gradually defrosting the windshield is much more effective and safer rather than rushing it. Turn on the car's heat and let the air in the vehicle circulate for a few minutes to warm up the cold air then turn it to defrost setting. After you start seeing the snow or ice melt you can increase the temperature and let your wipers do their job.

Never pour cold or hot water on a windshield as the extreme temperature change can result in damage to the glass. Once you're able to effectively use the windshield wipers you can utilize the windshield washer fluid to help wipe away excess dirt that may be sitting on the auto glass surface area.

Don't depend on your windshield wipers alone

When your front windshield needs to be cleared of any debris or rain it makes sense to turn on the wipers. This is precisely what you don't want to do if you've got a layer of ice on your windshield. The wiper blades will get damaged quickly from scraping against the ice and won't make contact with the glass.

Instead, wait until your windshield is defrosted, and when you see the ice or snow start to melt you can then turn on wipers at a slow speed. You should start to see the ice clear quickly as long as you've given it a few minutes and it's melted enough.

Keep auto glass in good condition in all seasons

Windshields are subjected to a lot of wear and tear as you travel. Rocks and other road debris can chip or crack windshields. The damage can range from minimal to severe so it's important to know when you should replace a windshield.

Keeping auto glass intact will also help to keep optimal visibility and make the windshield easier to defrost. When glass becomes pitted or chipped it results in more of a challenge when defrosting since you're not working with a smooth surface. A small chip can also escalate and become a cracked windshield when exposed to extreme weather or the defrosting process.

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